Roseview Affordable Housing Fund

Roseview is currently seeking to acquire minority interests in General Partners that own well-located, cash-flowing, affordable multifamily properties capitalized with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits that are located in markets with strong fundamentals.

The Opportunity for LIHTC General Partners

The Fund is offering to purchase a non-controlling 49% equity stake in existing General Partners:

  • Cash payment today equal to 49% of entity value.
  • Cash flow and residual sales proceeds split pari-passu.
  • General Partner retains control and property management.
  • Additional capital available to purchase Limited Partner and lender interests.

Asset Profile

Nationwide markets with strong rental fundamentals:

  • LIHTC properties year-7 or later of the tax credit period (additional programs are acceptable).
  • Well-maintained, cash flowing assets with proven history of operations and at least two years of audited financials.

Roseview Affordable Housing Fund I


Kevin Galligan, Director

Please note, we do not seek opportunities as principal investors among our advisory clients.

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