Why Roseview?

  • We focus on a limited number of client mandates at a time, dedicating resources to developing a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, and aligning our success as a firm squarely with our clients’ success.
  • We help our clients think strategically about how to position themselves for long-term success in the capital markets, developing and implementing strategies not just to finance the next deal but to capitalize entire investment programs, property portfolios, and operating entities over the coming year, two years, five years and beyond.
  • Our team is staffed and led not by financial brokers but by experienced real estate investment, development, and asset management professionals. This makes us quick studies when it comes to our clients’ businesses and projects, with the ability to value beyond sourcing and structuring capital, and adds greatly to our – and our clients’ – credibility when we advocate for them in the capital markets.
  • Roseview regularly communicates and closes transactions with a wide network of investors and lenders, allowing the firm to advise clients on terms based on real-time market intelligence.
  • We focus our capital placement activities primarily on equity, rather than debt, unlike many mortgage brokers that dabble in equity placements.
  • All of our engagements are led and staffed throughout by senior professionals, and the same Partners who handle client origination also take lead responsibility throughout our engagements for conducting due diligence, drafting marketing materials, and soliciting investor interest, ensuring that each client receives experienced, consistent and seamless execution.


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